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We work with DETA ELIS HOLDING. The DETA ELIS HOLDING group is a certified and recognized group of companies, activated in manufacturing and promoting electronic wellness devices, based on the principles of bioresonance, but it also offers educational services related to the technology that applies to these specific products (Bioresonance therapy).

The beginning of the course of the company was the construction of the first bioresonance devices aimed at health professionals in 1992, at Zelenogkrant of Russia under the name «ELIS».
1998 was the year that marked a major technological step forward for the company, by the manufacture of the diagnostic device «Deta – Professional», which was patented.
In 1998 Russia’s Health Ministry granted permission to the company to conduct medical examinations in public hospitals with this specific device.

After twenty years of scientific research, portable bioresonance devices have been manufactured, which are worldwide patented.

The company, based on the great technological breakthrough of the mobile devices and under the inspired leadership of the founders, Konopliova Tatiana and Roman Novikov, chose the network marketing as the way to promote the devices, transferred its headquarters in Fulda, Germany, and renamed the company as DETA ELIS HOLDING.

The creation of the second production unit in Fulda, Germany, marked the kick-off of the introduction of the unique and patented technologies of DE Holding in Europe and around the world, marking an explosive development of turnover. A separate independent team of doctors worldwide, under the name DETA MED, the work of the company and applies appropriate protocols to restore physical well-being and psycho-emotional harmony.

In the modern world, a successful person combines physical and mental health with professional success. The company provides its partners with multi-faceted and continuous training by experienced and acclaimed trainers for financial independence and personal development.

At present, more than 100,000 independent partners in Asia, America and Europe are registered in the company database, using and promoting our innovative products.

The team of DETA ELIS HOLDING is always on the side of each new partner, ready to support it in every possible way.

The vision and goal of the company is its technology to get into every home across the globe and everyone to become shareholder of the benefits of using its devices.

The DETA HOLDING team will always be on the side of each new partner ready to support it.

You can learn more about DETA HOLDING on the official website.