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What is bioresonance based on?

Bioresonance is based on the natural method of resonance, where the oscillation of the stimulator (transmitter) is identical to the intrinsic frequency of the oscillator (receiver). When this physical method is applied to living organisms, it is called Bioresonance.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Russian Biologist and Medical Scientist Alexander Gavrilovich Gurvich (1874-1954) observed that cells and various organs have their own electromagnetic field, something that has been proved today, according to Quantum Physics. Our body cells emit and receive electromagnetic signals.

In our body, we have different forms of energy. One of these is electromagnetic, which is expressed by oscillations (frequencies).

Every vital organ, every human tissue, as well as everything around us, emits its own particular frequency called Natural Frequency. All the organs together make up the personal electromagnetic field of each one. The presence of a host such as parasites or viruses, affects this field as more frequencies appear, that reduce the speed of communication between cells.

The body’s speed reaction slows down, thus the organism is exposed and becomes vulnerable and as a result illnesses appear. The special diagnostic equipment that is used in bioresonance, has the ability to identify foreign frequencies of the pathogenic microorganisms, while the corresponding therapeutic devices have the ability to degrade the pathogenic causes so that everything will work properly again.

How bioresonance works?

It is a fact that the human body has a tremendous ability of self-healing, which is thoroughly harmed not only by the microbial load, but also by the way we lead our life. Various chemicals that invade our body through food and medicine, the polluted air, the stress, the electromagnetic and geopathetic load attack the self-healing ability that our system has. The fatigue and the degeneration that occurs in our body’s organs and systems gets visible through the respective emission of pathological and distressed oscillations.

The operation of the method of bioresonance focuses on returning the body to its ideal state through low-emission, normal for the body, harmonic frequencies, which “retune” the body to the proper function and activate the natural self-healing mechanism. Therefore the bioresonance acts in two phases:

a) Defining and eliminating the cause

b) Reset of the affected organs and systems of the organism back to normal

The application of Bioresonance today is the result of the research of great scientists for many decades, such as :
Franz Morell, Erich Rasche, Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971) and Reinhard Voll (1909 – 1989)
Based on their documented scientific work, the technology of Deta Elis Holding devices has been developed and perfected today.

The Bioresonance gives our body excellent results on the identification of the cause, the rehabilitation, the prevention and the wellness.

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