Surely, every morning you come across a feeling that you do not have enough energy, a feeling of drowsiness and a desire to fall back asleep. And to finally wake up, you have to take a cold shower or drink a cup of coffee. Ice shower, like coffee, are certainly good options, but the first is too complicated to perform, the second can become a habit and bring harm to the body. Therefore, we recommend the best addition to your healthy morning – a DeVita Energy device and a DeLixir Multi Energy smart cell nutrition supplement.

DeVita Energy is a device for fighting stress, awakening energy and improving the work of the whole organism. In addition to the DeVita Energy device, for even better results, DeLixir Multi Energy provides smart cell nutrition, which not only improves the oxygen supply to the cells, strengthens the heart muscles and slows down the aging process, but also provides all the vitamins necessary in the morning so that you will be filled with positive energy! Also, the complex application of DeVita Energy and DeLixir Multi Energy in the morning helps build the body’s immunity for the whole day.

How does it work?

DeVita Energy activates and awakens, and in addition DeLixir Multi Energy provides the right cellular nutrition: amino acids, vitamins, microelements.


You probably wonder: “What do you need to be in the most resourceful state throughout the day?”. The answer to this question lies in your lifestyle: nutrition, regular exercise, etc. But it takes too much resources and energy so we just close our eyes to it. One of the solutions to the harmonious state is the correct alkaline environment of the body. Excellent and strong sources of pH (alkali) are lemon and soda. But you will agree that these two products are too concentrated and complex to taste preferences.

We recommend a unique way of effective adjustment and comfortable alkalization of the body with the DeVita Ritm Mini device and the DeLixir pH balance smart cell nutrition supplement.

DeVita Ritm mini – helps in maintaining the natural hormonal balance, improves the performance of organs, prevents premature aging, maintains a natural balance of the internal environment. The device has separate frequencies for various organs and allows the body to work on self-healing. And in order for harmonization to be complete, as we have already said, it is necessary to maintain the acid-alkaline balance of the internal environment of organs and systems. This is necessary for chemical reactions inside cells, beneficial bacteria in the intestine and even the immune system function to work better and more efficiently. In this the smart cell nutrition supplement DeLixir pH balance will fully help.

How does it work?

During the day when the human body needs harmonization most of all, the DeVita Ritm Mini is used, and in addition, the DeLixir pH balance supplement is used to properly saturate vitamins, microelements and competent alkalinisation.


During a whole day in the human body a certain amount of toxins accumulate, from food and drink. We communicate with different people, we are affected by climatic conditions, and all this is surrounded by a huge number of microbes. Of course, we cannot fence ourselves against all these factors by washing hands, vitamin supplements or full isolation.

But there are ways that give high results in protecting and cleansing the body. In order to release and protect your body from toxins, we recommend the DeVita AP Mini device and the smart cell nutrition supplement DeLixir Detox.

DeVita AP Mini is a device that works on most known pathogens – viruses, bacteria, fungi, helminths and protozoa, helping in cleansing the human organism. And in order to allow the body to release toxins that accumulated during the day and strengthen its immunity with vitamins, the smart cell nutrition supplement DeLixir Detox is necessary. It is a unique supplement with the effect of detoxification, which helps to cope with bad ecology, infections, increased physical exertion, etc.

How does it work?
In the evening, when the body is full of harmful microorganisms and toxins, we use DeVita AP Mini to remove all hostile microflora, and using DeLixir Detox, to give the body vitamins and help to remove the toxins that accumulated during the day.

Be Safe! Be Energized! Be Healthy!