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Beauty Inside and Outside

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With the unique revolutionary combination therapy and quantum light therapy device DEVITA COSMO, we approach and solve in a radically new way all the problems of the epidermis and the external appearance of the human being. We know that various parts of the person correspond to specific organs of the body. By reading the body’s condition in the face we can choose from the 20 pre-installed programs of the bio-coordinating regulatory device the appropriate program and with the application of quantum light at that particular point of the face to have beauty inside and out!

Deeper layers of the epidermis and cells by activating the synthesis of the biologically active substances of collagen and elastin

The frequent use of the device:

  • Fights the signs of aging, tightens epidermis
  • It eliminates inflammation, helps acne.
  • It gives the skin a glowing and restful appearance.
  • It benefits beneficial hair and nails