A unique device which has no analogues in the world. Each person needs to maintain a high rate of health in the modern world. The device is used to relieve the stressful burden caused by the presence of parasitic forms in the human body: viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths. And also the presence of endo- and exo- toxins that block the work of the main excretory systems, which is one of the main causes of reducing the state of health. The device includes 14 basic complexes consisting of manual and automatic programs. Each user can create their own unique complexes (the whole device can hold up to 50) and has the ability to download new complexes and programs that will be created by the company’s specialists.


Effectively targeted and safely cleanses the organism from the most widespread pathogenic bacteria – viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi and fungi. It sends specific frequencies against microorganisms without harming the human body

  • Destroys pathogenic microorganisms
  • Cleans the toxins
  • Protects from viral infections and colds
  • Enhances the defense functions of the body
  • Helps prevent allergies
  • Safe in all ages

Integrated Developer with rissoteres 2500 sychnotites

  • 45 automated programs including programs
  • 13 Complexes
  • Ability to create custom software kit